HSK4 Group Course Overview

If you plan to study or work in China, the certificate of passing HSK4 and above is a pass to enter many good Chinese universities and well-known companies. By studying the whole HSK 4 level, you will be able to use Chinese to discuss topics in a wider range of fields and communicate with native Chinese speakers relatively fluently. HSK4 requires significantly more study than HSK3 and uses two textbooks as the basis, each with ten chapters. This means that the number of lessons required is much higher than HSK3.

  • Review and consolidate words learned at HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3 levels

  • Total (new & old) vocabulary required: 1200 words

  • Language points required: 100 language points

  • Analysis and comparison of synonyms: 20 pairs

  • Official HSK test practices provided regularly

$780 for complete course (80 group lessons)

Classes are on a Tuesday & Friday or a Thursday & Saturday, depending on when you choose to start. Each class has two lessons with a 20 minute break in between. New classes start at regular intervals. When you book you will be shown the the available start dates and the class times. Each start date has a different class time, so you can choose the date and class time that suits you best. Class times are shown in your time zone and will be the same each week on the same days (Tuesday & Friday or Thursday & Saturday) throughout the course so make sure you select the start date and the time that is right for you.