• Choose 1 of of our 4 study packages

  • Book the first lesson online. This is an extra lesson to determine your study objectives, assess your Chinese level (if any) and to agree your initial study plan

  • Make your first payment. All our plans are paid by fixed monthly payments (not a subscription) to spread the cost of your studies

  • Have your first 1:1 lesson and get started!

Starter Study Package

Pay in 2 monthly payments of $280.

Pick this package to get started now or add more lessons to an existing course with this basic package of 1:1 lessons.

Standard Study Package

Pay in 3 monthly payments of $295

Pick this package to make a serious commitment to studying Chinese and achieve lasting results!

Standard+ Study Package

Pay in 6 monthly payments of $265

Pick this package to study seriously for longer and achieve significant learning goals

Intensive Study Package

Pay in 6 monthly instalments of $365

Pick this package if you're in a hurry and need to study intensively over a relatively short period. We'll help you to achieve your learning goals quickly

Q & A

  • Is this a subscription product?

    No. When you agree to buy one of our study plans, you pay for it in a fixed number of monthly payments as shown. Payment does not continue beyond the number of monthly payments shown so there's no subscription to cancel

  • Can I pay in monthly instalments?

    Yes all our plans are monthly payments

  • Can I get a refund if I need to stop my lessons?

    Yes. You need to give at least 1 week's notice, and lessons you have taken or scheduled within the notice period will be charged at $30/lesson. If you have taken more lessons than payments made then your payments will continue until there is a positive balance. The balance will be refunded to you within two weeks by the same payment method you used. No cash refunds.

  • Do I have to finish the lessons in a limited time period?

    Normally yes. The time period is shown with the study package when you purchase. However, we understand there can be unexpected problems so we are happy to discuss and agree a solution.

  • Can I change my lesson schedule at any time?

    Yes, but you need to give us at least 48 hours to allow for re-scheduling.